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  • How can I access my ticket history?
    Users can access their ShipHero ticket history once logged in to the ShipHero application as follows:   read more
  • ShipHero Fulfillment Support Overview
    Every ShipHero Fulfillment Customer has unlimited access to support services and resources, so take advantage of our three main support avenues: Self-Help Resources:  help website and FAQs, webinars, and YouTube videos available for everyone. Shi... read more
  • I Can't Log In To My Account
    Keep the window open where you are unable to log in. Go to on a different browser (ex Chrome, Firefox) or use incognito mode. You should now be logged in on the new browser. Now, from the browser window, you had originally open... read more
  • Will ShipHero ship my hazmat products?
    Yes, we will! But first what is Hazmat? A hazardous material is a substance that is “capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported in commerce under the federal hazardous materials transportation law” acco... read more
  • How do I manage multiple brands with Fulfillment?
    If you have multiple brands, there are 2 ways this can be managed with ShipHero Fulfillment. OPTION 1: Streamlined Approach You can create 1 account and connect all stores to the same account. Benefits of "streamlined approach:" All orders and pr... read more
  • How to map my shipping methods
    Create the shipping option in your store (ShipHero will not automatically import rates into the store but you can use our pricing grid as a reference). Create a test order with that shipping option (expedited, overnight, etc). Once the order is i... read more
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