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  • How to Create a Shipping Plan in SFAPP
    What is a Shipping Plan? A Shipping Plan, also known as a Purchase Order, tells us what products, the quantities, and which shipping method you will use when sending inventory to our ShipHero facilities. Creating a shipping plan is the first step ... read more
  • Shiphero Freight Guidelines
    ShipHero can help you schedule your freight appointments for seamless shipping and delivery. ShipHero has set Freight Guidelines to ensure that your shipment is received at the designated time, preventing delays or congestion at the receiving end. ... read more
  • ShipHero Receiving Overview
    These receiving guidelines are in place so our warehouse teams can process your products quickly and start shipping for you. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep operations running smoothly. Inventory that does not follow our guide... read more
  • What is a Master Case/Carton barcode?
    This article will define the master case/carton barcode and help you to locate this barcode on your containers. What is a Master Case/Carton? What is a Master Case/Carton Barcode? How are Individual Product Barcodes Different from Master Case/Carto... read more
  • Shipping Plan Statuses
    ShipHero uses specific statuses to better communicate with customers where their Shipping Plan (SP) is in the Receiving flow. Here is how we define those statuses. Shipping Plan Statuses Pending - Shipping Plan has been created within ShipHero. ... read more
  • Receiving Guidelines
    The core of a thriving warehouse lies in its ability to effectively manage inventory. The process of receiving sets the tone for storage, picking, packing, and overall success. This article covers ShipHero's guidelines, best practices, and strategi... read more
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