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  • How to Create a Shipping Plan in SFAPP
    What is a Shipping Plan? A Shipping Plan, also known as a Purchase Order, tells us what products, the quantities, and which shipping method you will use when sending inventory to our ShipHero facilities. Creating a shipping plan is the first step ... read more
  • Freight Booking with ShipHero
    Important notes while booking your freight appointment with ShipHero: All freight shipments must be scheduled with the ShipHero warehouse. We cannot accept unscheduled shipments at any of our locations. Unscheduled shipments will incur a fee. Ship... read more
  • Receiving Guidelines
    These receiving guidelines are in place so our warehouse teams can process your products quickly and start shipping for you. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep operations running smoothly.     Inventory that does not follow our ... read more
  • What is a master case/carton barcode?
    A master carton or case barcode is placed outside your shipping carton or pallet, allowing our 3PL to identify and scan multiple product units' shipments.  How are individual product barcodes different from master carton barcodes? The master carto... read more
  • Shipping plan statuses
      In order to understand your shipping plan status take a look at below table: read more
  • Non-compliance Shipping plans
    Receiving Operation Guidelines All Shipping Plans (SPs) will be spot-checked for accuracy to continue offering uniformity across our warehouse network. Here is how it will work: All Shipping plans will be spot checked. Accurate spot check: We wil... read more
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