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  • How do I create a shipping plan?
    Creating a shipping plan is the first step before sending ShipHero Fulfillment your products. Shipping plans include box labels, packing slips, and pallet tags to identify what is inside of each shipment you're sending. Also, we provide you with t... read more
  • Freight Booking with ShipHero
    Note: All freight shipments must be scheduled with the ShipHero warehouse. We cannot accept unscheduled shipments at any of our locations. Unscheduled shipments will incur a fee. US Freight Shipping If you are sending in freight with your own carri... read more
  • Product Doesn't Come Up to Be Added to Shipping Plan
    Issue: I am trying to add a SKU to a shipping plan, but the search bar doesn't bring up any results.   Solution: The product you are trying to add is likely a kit SKU. This means that the SKU has components associated with it. Instead, add the indi... read more
  • Can I set up a sell ahead number?
    Yes! ShipHero will allow you to set a sell ahead number while creating your shipping plan. Please reach out to or let your onboarding specialist know if you want to enable the sell ahead option. Why will it be beneficial?... read more
  • Will ShipHero ship my CBD products?
    Yes - we ship domestic CBD orders! IMPORTANT: We do not support shipping CBD products internationally. CBD products have separate pricing. Package weights are rounded up when billed, for example, 1.54lbs is rounded up to 2lbs. Click here for CBD s... read more
  • Receiving Guidelines
    The specific guidelines below must be followed each time inventory is sent to our warehouse locations. If the guidelines are not followed, this may result in a $40/hour fee including delays in receiving processing time. Peak Season 2021-2022 (11/1... read more
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