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  • Order and product page terms
      Find these helpful inventory terms while navigating through our SFAPP.    Order tab:  All: Will show all the orders imported from your store.  On hold: Will show all the orders with either a billing,... read more
  • Peak 2023-2024 Overview & Deadlines
    This is a one-stop shop for what to expect from ShipHero during Peak Season 2023-2024, including: Peak Season Surcharges Deadlines for Peak Season Peak Season SLAs Customer Support Hours Warehouse Operating Hours   Peak Season Surcharges During th... read more
  • How to File a Carrier Claim
    Information we will need to file the claim:  ShipHero can assist with filing a claim on your behalf only if our shipper information is required due to lost or damaged items. These claims will be subject to validation from our carrier team speciali... read more
  • How to Cancel or Edit an Order
    This article will help guide you through the steps you will take to change or edit an order. How to Add a Product to an Order How to Remove a Product from an OrderHow to Set Allow PartialHow to Cancel an OrderHow to Edit an Address on an OrderHow ... read more
  • Load balancing cost ( Zone based customers)
      Balancing the products has a cost based on both dimensions and weight. Your LB cost will be subject to your agreement arrangement.  On the LB page, you will see the discriminated cost by-product. The total cost is in the page footer. The presente... read more
  • How to Reserve Inventory in SFapp
    Reserved inventory is the amount of inventory flagged "reserved" in SFapp and adjusts the available quantity that is pushed to the store. It is often used in preparation for a flash sale or to withhold inventory for potential returns or exchanges. ... read more
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