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  • Order and product page terms
      Find these helpful inventory terms while navigating through our SFAPP.    Order tab:  All: Will show all the orders imported from your store.  On hold: Will show all the orders with either a billing,... read more
  • How to File a Carrier Claim
    Information we will need to file the claim:  ShipHero can assist with filing a claim on your behalf only if our shipper information is required due to lost or damaged items. These claims will be subject to validation from our carrier team speciali... read more
  • When can I cancel or edit an order?
    If the order shows "The warehouse is currently processing this order"(as pictured below) you cannot cancel, edit items or put a hold on it to avoid shipping.  This banner is showing because the warehouse team members ( pickers, packers, etc) are a... read more
  • How to Extend Order Handling Time on Your Amazon Marketplace Stores
    What is Handling Time? Handling Time is set in Amazon; it's the estimated time between the end user placing an order and you handing it over to a specified delivery service, in this case, ShipHero. This does not include when the package is in trans... read more
  • ShipHero warehouses order capacity
    How many orders can Shiphero ship? ShipHero warehouses can handle high volumes of orders, processing between 10,000 and 40,000 orders per day. As a merchant, you will need to let ShipHero know of two important volume considerations: surge and peak ... read more
  • Global E and virtual Skus
      When shipping with Global E, all items should be marked as shipped in Shiphero even virtual or subscriptions skus.  The feature "This product requires shipping" must be enabled on each Sku to import as pending in the ShipHero App. If this feature... read more
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