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Happy Customers

  • Can ShipHero import my gift note from Shopify?
    Yes! Offering gift notes to your customers is a great idea. If so, adding a gift message option is a must. It's very easy first you must add the note on the Shopify store and then your message will be imported on the gift note section on the order... read more
  • Where can I find the order tracking number?
    Tracking numbers are assigned to packages when they are shipped. The tracking link in Shiphero will redirect to the shipping carrier's website so you can check the status. We work with a mix of carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, etc If you h... read more
  • User Settings
    User Roles: There are two user types: 1. Standard User 2. Admin User   Standard Users do not have access to: Invoices section from the menu Revenue bar from the dashboard Key stats from the dashboard Settings -> Billing section Reports -> Order Pr... read more
  • Do you offer shipper insurance?
    Yes, we offer shipping insurance for domestic shipments upon request. Contact to inquire about this service.  How Much Does Insurance Cost? The declared coverage rate is $1 per $100. For example: Shipment is $800; the dec... read more
  • Why is there an address hold on my order?
    We verify all US addresses via the USPS register. We will automatically place an order on hold (address hold) if the address cannot be verified by the USPS.  Important: We will NOT ship orders that are placed on hold until you updated the address ... read more
  • Customer Service TOS
    ShipHero shall provide the following standard customer support to Merchants (also referenced as Customers):  General Support.  Customers shall have access to ShipHero's FAQs and supplemental guides via the web and may use the website to submit se... read more
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