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Billing and Reporting

  • PostHero: Tracking Packages
    PostHero is a post-shipment dashboard and data visualization tool. PostHero allows you to: Track Packages Across Carriers within the United States (international orders are not yet supported) Identify Growth Opportunities in Shipping Recog... read more
  • What are Unexpected Carrier Surcharges?
    Unexpected carrier surcharges:  Carriers occasionally encounter obstacles when delivering packages to certain areas or under certain conditions. As a result, carriers will pass along unexpected carrier surcharges (UCS) to ShipHero to account for th... read more
  • ShipHero Fulfillment collection process
    ShipHero has a specialized team to review your account billing and investigate invoice disputes.  This team will contact you in case you fail your payments. You will also see a banner in your account once you log in to your Sfapp. This banner will... read more
  • ShipHero Payment policy
    ShipHero processes payment services through Stripe and is subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service.  By agreeing to our Terms and services or continuing to operate as a Merchant on the Service, y... read more
  • Nevada Sales Tax when Load Balancing
    In ShipHero, we distribute inventory to various states to be closer to customers. ShipHero typically stages inventory in Nevada, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. This is called Load Balancing. However, if you have a different agreement with ShipHe... read more
  • Data export service
    ShipHero Fulfillment offers free reporting documentation to track your inventory, shipments, storage, and movements. You can request a Data Export service if your account needs more data.  We have an engineering specialized team that will allow yo... read more
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