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Billing and Reporting

  • Inventory Reports
    To successfully manage your business, inventory management is vital. ShipHero's report section offers downloadable and useful information to ensure efficiency. We suggest exporting the reports at the end of the day (EOD) since we process and ship... read more
  • ShipHero Fulfillment Tech fee
    To enhance the accuracy of your orders, expedited shipping, and provide you with clear visibility of costs, ShipHero levies a monthly Tech Fee of $500, which covers the expenses of developing the necessary technology. We want to ensure you have the... read more
  • PostHero: Tracking Packages
    PostHero is a post-shipment dashboard and data visualization tool. PostHero allows you to: Track Packages Across Carriers within the United States (international orders are not yet supported) Identify Growth Opportunities in Shipping Recog... read more
  • Currency Setup
    At Shiphero, we provide fulfillment services to customers in the United States and Canada. By default, the currency for your account is set to "United States Dollar" (USD). However, we have the option to update the currency at both the account leve... read more
  • ShipHero Payment policy
    ShipHero processes payment services through Stripe and is subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service.  By agreeing to our Terms and services or continuing to operate as a Merchant on the Service, y... read more
  • Shipment Report
    The Shipment Report is the best way to export and understand more about your shipment costs and profits. This article is intended to highlight the information available in the Shipments Report and a few best practices when using it. To view this r... read more
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