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Warehouse and Inventory

  • Standard and non-standard packaging sizes and fees
    ShipHero Network will use appropriate packaging material (i.e., bubble wrap, poly mailers, boxes with void fill, etc.) at its discretion. Packaging material may vary according to availability. We provide standard packaging. Additional packaging ... read more
  • Special Project Guidelines
    What is a Special project request?  A special project is considered outside the regular pick-pack/receiving & shipping process. ShipHero has a specialized team assigned to these projects. If you need to request a Special Project, you must always ... read more
  • Termination process
    Although we are sorry to see you go, we welcome you back anytime!  Termination steps for customers with the existing inventory at our warehouses:  To cancel your account, your payment status must be up to date, with no outstanding balance. You can... read more
  • I need to remove inventory from ShipHero
    Inventory Removal If you remove all or partial inventory from our warehouse, we consider this a "removal." The charge is $45/hour for all labor costs, in addition to picking, packing, and shipping of the product if being shipped to a domestic locat... read more
  • How Kit Availability is Calculated
    When you want to sell a set of products, such as a box of candy, or a set of socks, you need a method to manage the set. Kits give you the option of creating sets of products that can then be sold and fulfilled. This article goes into the deeper... read more
  • Special Projects non compliance fees
    Once you request a Special project is essential to follow the Special project guidelines to avoid delays and additional fees. A special project that does not follow our guidelines will be subject to longer wait times. We reserve the right to rejec... read more
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