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Warehouse and Inventory

  • How long will Shiphero take to receive my products?
      We reserve the right to refuse inventory that is in violation of our receiving guidelines. We reserve the right to delay receiving if items are sent during peak season 11/1/2021 – 1/15/2022. There are no guarantees on receiving inventory during... read more
  • What if ShipHero makes a mistake with shipping my orders?
    At ShipHero, we do our best to fulfill every order as accurately as possible. However, if there is a mistake we will work to resolve it as quickly as possible. We will reconcile fulfillment operational errors within 60 days from the original shi... read more
  • I Need to Dispose or Remove Inventory From ShipHero
    Inventory Disposal If inventory needs to be disposed of because of the below reasons but you will continue shipping with us discontinued selling a specific sku(s)product expiredproduct is defectedclient request Please contact fulfillment@sh... read more
  • Is ShipHero FDA certified?
    ShipHero is certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in our PA, Dallas Fort Worth and Las Vegas locations. The FDA is the U.S. government agency that monitors the safety of food, dietary supplements, human drugs, vaccines, and mo... read more
  • Load Balancing - How does it work?
    We load-balance products for customers who have at least 200 orders a month consistently for 2-3 months. We balance based on the number of orders, the quantity of inventory, and volume. We do not guarantee that your products will be load balanced ... read more
  • What happens to damaged inventory?
    Our damaged process is as follows: When item is found damaged (during receiving, on the floor, or from returns), the support team will alert you of the findingYou can decide to have us ship the item back to you or we can dispose of itWarehouse h... read more
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