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  • Will ShipHero Accept My Product for Returns?
    ShipHero Fulfillment accepts returns for most product types. Make sure to ask your sales and onboarding rep during your setup calls. Review our damaged product return policy. Note: Shiphero cannot support returns for product that has no invento... read more
  • What happens with Return to Senders?
    If a package is refused or returned to a ShipHero warehouse then Merchants are charged a Return to sender fee. This fee is the shipping label back (this is the same price charged to pick, pack and ship out) + $2.75 for the first item and $0.25 for... read more
  • Return Options
    At ShipHero, there are two options for return shipments: Send return orders back to a ShipHero warehouse. Send return orders to an alternative location (a return partner or your warehouse).   Send Returns to ShipHero The fees for return shipments... read more
  • Returns FAQs
    You must be pre-approved for returns before getting started – please email for pricing and approval. How should customers return their items? Using labels provided by ShipHero If this setting is checked, your customer wi... read more
  • Allowing Returns on your Website
    You must be pre-approved for returns before getting started – please email for a quote. The video uses a Shopify store as an example, but you can embed this widget in any e-commerce platform that’s supported by ShipHero ... read more
  • How do I create a return?
    Please verify that your account is pre-approved for returns before getting started. Please email for pricing. Once you have been approved, please follow the below steps: Search on the order tab and locate the order you n... read more
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