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Can I self-fulfill orders outside of ShipHero?

Yes – you can fulfill outside of ShipHero – two important reminders:

1. If you fulfill an order outside of ShipHero, then you should cancel this order in ShipHero to avoid a double shipment.

2. You must cancel orders before 1AM EST the day of scheduled shipment – details here: https://fulfillment-help.shiphero.com/knowledge-base/when-can-i-cancel-an-order/

Example: If an order is placed on Sunday at 2pm EST – you must fulfill, cancel, or make any changes by Monday 1AM EST to prevent any double shipments. 

If we are able to stop the shipment from leaving the facility you will be charged a minimum restocking fee of $5 per shipment (this allows for 3 items to be restocked) each additional item, in the order, to be restocked will be $1 per unit.

Updated on July 16, 2020

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