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Can I upload manual orders?

Why will I need to upload the CSV file? 

The CSV Order Upload allows you to add new orders to ShipHero in bulk.

Hold on, ShipHero! I thought I could simply connect my store to ShipHero, why would I need this?

Yes, you can still connect most store platforms directly to ShipHero (ex. Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, etc), but there may come a time when you have some manual orders that need to be uploaded to ShipHero.

How to do a CSV Order Upload

In order to access this feature, go to https://sfapp.shiphero.com/dashboard/.and navigate to Orders > Upload CSV:

Complete the order template and save the CSV file.

Note: Remember not to use any special characters and additional spaces after each cell quote. This will avoid errors while uploading. 

Creating a Template

Once the file is uploaded, you will be asked to create a mapping for the file. This allows you to save the specific headings for the future, so next time you upload orders you won’t have to select which columns you want to include in the upload.

The ones that are required will be marked as such. We try to autofill what we can, but some you may need to manually select and confirm.

Benefits of the NEW CSV Order Upload

#1 If an order returns an error you can download a CSV that shows you only the order.

#2 You receive an email recap of what orders were uploaded and if any had an error. You can view orders and download the error CSV in order to correct any issues before re-uploading.s with an error so you can fix them and re-upload that CSV.

Learn how to fill the Manual Order template here.

Updated on June 1, 2021

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