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Can I use a custom box or mailer?

For new customers: You must be pre-approved by the Sales team if you want Shiphero to purchase your custom boxes. You will need to ship over 1,000 orders per month for at least 3 months via our warehouse.

If no proven shipments then you must purchase your custom boxes following the process described below.

For existing customers: You must be pre-approved to use a custom box or mailer. Reach out to fulfillment@shiphero.com to get approved. If the custom box requires building or additional instruction, there may be an additional fee.

Can I use custom inserts?

Yes, we ship custom inserts as cards or any other marketing component. They are also treated as an SKU, meaning they will need their own storage location, their own barcode and will be counted as a pick in any shipment.

Process for using a custom polybag, insert, mailer, or box:

  • Create your custom box or mailer as a SKU on your store
  • Create a shipping plan for the SKU
  • The custom box, insert or poly will count as an additional pick on each order it applies to
  • You will be charged storage on your custom packaging
  • We do not use branded tape or stickers
  • If you run out of custom packaging we may be unable to continue to ship your product unless you contact us
  • During your account setup you can decide which packing option to use for each SKU
  • You must barcode the skus. You can generate the barcodes on our page.

NOTE: If you use a custom box or poly mailer and the product falls out of the packaging in transit or gets damaged due to insufficient packaging material, ShipHero Fulfillment is not liable for the loss.

Updated on October 25, 2021

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