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Can ShipHero help with my FBA prep?

Contact fulfillment@shiphero.com to arrange this service.

What are the fees?

Fees (may be modified based on each merchant’s needs):

  • Prep Labor Fee: $40 hour/man hour (Minimum charge for labor is $40)
  • ASIN Product Barcode Labeling: $0.10/unit
  • Box Label Fee: $2.50 per label (applicable to ALL labels – this fee is to print and apply)
  • Pallet Label fee (if applicable): $5 per pallet label (if more than 1 pallet label on same pallet, each additional label is $1)

If the order is packed and ready and sitting in the warehouse for longer than 3 business days, the storage charge for the order is $15 per pallet (or $15/day if small parcel).


The order took 3 warehouse associates and a total of 2 hours. There were 5 boxes and 500 units to barcoded total. The breakdown looks like the below:

  • Prep fee: $40 x 6 man hours = $240
  • ASIN barcode: $0.10 x 500 units= $50
  • Box label fee: $2.50 x 5 boxes = $12.50
  • Pallet Fee = N/A
  • TOTAL CHARGES: $302.50

What is the process?

If FBA service is needed, our team will need the following information:

  1. Please send us the SKUS + QTY for the order.
  2. Provide all Amazon product labels (30 labels per sheet).
  3. Let us know how many units per box of each sku if specific box packing is required and dimensions specifications.
  4. If shipment needs to be palletized, provide all relevant information in your inquiry regarding Amazon pallet restrictions and requirements.
Updated on September 15, 2021

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