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Customer Service Overview

ShipHero shall provide the following standard customer support to Merchants (also referenced as Customer):

(a) General Support. Customer shall have access to ShipHero’s FAQs and supplemental guides via the web and may use the web site to submit service requests via chat and fulfillment@shiphero.com. ShipHero shall use reasonable efforts to respond within two business days to such service requests (via chat/email). We do not offer phone support. 

Web and customer support will not include, and ShipHero shall not provide, any tax or other professional or expert advice of any kind, including, but not limited to any advice regarding the appropriate handling of shipping, packaging, tax and accounting issues. ShipHero shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any reproducible failure of the Services to substantially conform to its expected operation; provided, however, that ShipHero will not be required to provide a correction for all such nonconformities. All updates, inquiries including hold orders can be adjusted directly via your merchant dashboard. Any changes to orders must be made via your Merchant dashboard by 1am EST the day of scheduled shipment. We no longer will merge orders on demand.

(b) Premium Support. Premium Support is available for $1,799 per month. Premium support includes access to an account representative and quarterly business reviews. 

(c)  Service Upgrades and Scheduled Downtime. ShipHero shall update the Services in its sole discretion. ShipHero may from time to time schedule downtime for maintenance and upgrades.

Updated on October 14, 2021

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