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Lots & Expiration Tracking

Products that require Lots & Expiration tracking are the following:

  • Any type of food products
  • Vitamins or Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals or health products ( including personal care or cosmetics products)

Each SKU unit that requires tracking would incur a $0.05 shipping fee per unit shipped. Tracking is not optional as per FDA regulations. If your product falls within any of the categories above, you can find the requirements to send your product to our warehouse below:

  • Lots and Expirations must be clearly marked on the individual product or case packs of the products. If lots and expirations are not marked on the product or packaging you will need to send the Production Run documentation indicating the product lot and expiration date of each SKU.
  • Do not mix lots of the same product in one box. Please try to keep them in separate cartons so we can properly store your goods.
  • If the product has a lot code but no expiration, we require the production date.

Why we do Lot Tracking and Expiration Logging

  • This process ensures that we are shipping your oldest product first and if it does go past expiration we will stop shipping that lot so your customers get the freshest product all the time
  • Each lot is stored in its own location to ensure that nothing gets mixed or combined
  • By default, we will stop shipping product 45 days from their expiration date. If you would like to modify this time-frame please let our customer service team know.

Recalls and Damaged Product

  • If your product experiences a recall at any time, please let us know the affected lot number as soon as possible so that we are able to quarantine the units immediately. 
  • If your recall is due to quality, we can hold your product up to 30 days pending your direction on what to do with the product.
  • If your recall is due to mold, fungus or hazardous conditions we will have to dispose of the affected units, or have them removed, immediately to prevent contamination of other products in the warehouse
  • If there is damage to any tracked product, we will set the units aside and store for 30 days pending your direction.
  • If any damaged units are leaking or have an open food source, the affected units will be deducted from your inventory and disposed of immediately.


ShipHero Fulfillment locations are FDA approved and are able to hold any good that is shelf-stable and can be stored in ambient conditions. We currently do not store any product that requires temperature-controlled environments.

How to set up my lot tracking?

You will be able to modify your lots setup by accessing your settings in SFAPP:

1- Open your Settings

2- Indicate the priority you would like inventory being assigned to orders with one of the two options:
FEFO (First Expired First Out): This option is used to ensure that we are prioritizing inventory with the most recent expiration date to orders (for example, when shipping perishables)
FIFO (First In First Out): This option is used to ensure that we are prioritizing inventory based on the age at which it was received (for example, when shipping electronics)

3- Indicate the number of days that you want to disable picking before product expiration (to prevent expired products from being shipped to customers)

4- Set up an automated email reminder to receive a report about lots that are ready to expire.

Updated on August 5, 2021

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