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Do you offer shipper insurance?

Yes, we offer shipping insurance upon request.

We do not cover the cost of your product if a carrier loses your package. You can reach out to fulfillment@shiphero.com to request submitting a carrier claim.

We will need to know:

  • ShipHero Order Number
  • Value of each product on the order

Please note that carriers will not always cover lost shipments, further if they do provide coverage it will ONLY be the cost of the product not the sale price.

We do not cover losses for international shipments.

After multiple shipping issues (lost/other) we reserve the right to terminate shipping Domestic or International.

If you need additional coverage please contact fulfillment@shiphero.com

Here is how it works:

For items that have a declared value over $150 that you would like to insure we offer the following pricing:

  • The declared coverage rate is $1 per $100
  • For example if you are sending out a shipment for $800 the declared value charge would be at total of $8
    • Insurance fee per order would be $8
    • Minimum Fee $1.50
  • If you also require a signature – there will be an additional fee of $7

Please note it can take up to 120 days to process a reimbursement.

Updated on June 29, 2021

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