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Do you offer shipper insurance?

Yes, we offer shipping insurance for domestic shipments upon request. Contact fulfillment@shiphero.com to inquire about this service. We do not recommend insurance for products under $150.

How Much Does Insurance Cost?

The declared coverage rate is $1 per $100. For example:

  • Shipment is $800; the declared value charge would be at total of $8
  • Processing fee for all insured orders: $2
  • Insurance charge for the above example is $8 + $2 = $10
  • If you also require a signature – there will be an additional fee of $7

Insurance Claim Process for Domestic Shipments:

  1. SF Customer contacts CS team about missing/issue shipment with order number
  2. ShipHero files claim with X carrier
  3. In the interim, ShipHero refunds SF customer’s account for X value of order to the bank account on file.

NOTE: Provide the order number and product sku in question.

Covered Under Insurance:

  • Missing shipment: Initial scan confirmed, but no tracking updates over 15 days since initial scan.
  • Damaged shipment: Product arrives with damages (physical product damage – not box damage).

NOTE: During peak season, SLA are subject to delays due to increased carrier demand.

Not Covered Under Insurance:

  • Tracking Delivered: Tracking states “Delivered” but customer claims package is missing (stolen)
  • Undeliverable Address: Invalid or incorrect address provided by customer
  • International shipments are not covered under insurance plans
Updated on September 24, 2021

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