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Expedited & Overnight Shipping Setup

Here is how you setup multiple shipping options:

  1. Add the shipping option in your store.
  2. Create a test order with that shipping option in your store.
  3. Once the order is in, we’ll have access to that shop shipping method.
  4. Go to Settings in ShipHero Fulfillment, https://sfapp.shiphero.com/settings.
  5. Click Shipping.
  6. You’ll be able to map the Shop Shipping Method to the Expedited/Overnight ShipHero Shipping Methods.
  7. When we ship an order, we notify the store with the tracking number and the store notifies the customer depending on your store notification settings.

Expedited and Overnight shipping is only available for orders with less than 50 picks. Please contact us for rushed bulk orders (any order with 50 or more units).

Updated on March 22, 2021

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