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Freight Booking with ShipHero

All freight shipments must be scheduled with the ShipHero warehouse. We cannot accept unscheduled shipments at any of our locations. Unscheduled shipments will incur a fee.

If you are sending in freight with your own carrier to one of our DC’s please email freight@shiphero.com or call (646) 847-0347 with the following information and we will promptly get you set up with a dock time and date (24 hr notice required):

  • You must provide your company name and ShipHero shipping plan number
  • Client Name & DC delivering to
  • ShipHero Fulfillment Shipping Plan (SP) Number
  • Number of pallets (skids)
  • Carrier making the delivery along with the respective PRO number
  • Print the necessary pallet tags for identification

If a truckload shipment we require a 2 hour unload time.

**Note: Shipments that are side loaded will incur an additional fee.**

If sending a floor loaded delivery we ask for a 72 hr advance notice and prior approval from the ShipHero Fulfillment team for added labor.  We do not normally do live unloads due to the nature of the hours needed to unload and sort this shipment. Please also provide the number of free days allowed from the carrier as we may require the container to be dropped at our facility. 

Note on incoming international shipments.

Fines & Same Day Delivery

All LTL (Less-than-truckload), TL (Truckload), and Container shipments must be scheduled with our freight team for delivery 24 hours in advance for LTL and at least 48 hours in advance for TL or Container. If any unscheduled LTL and TL shipments arrive to any of our facilities, they are subject to the following fines:

LTL Shipments

1st offense: Written/Verbal warning

2nd offense: $100

3rd offense: $500

FTL & Container Shipments

1st offense: $200

2nd offense: $400

3rd offense: $500

Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery appointments are NOT guaranteed and are based on availability and time at the warehouse. All same day delivery requests have to be in before 12PM local time at the warehouse for consideration. At this time we can only allow pallet shipments of 6 pallets or less for same-day delivery. 

The fee for same day delivery will be a flat $150.

Unknown Freight

If your shipment arrives unscheduled without clear descriptors specifying “Client Name” and/or Shipping Plan #, your shipment will be rejected and handed back to the carrier.

Need a freight quote? We can help you with that.

Email freight@shiphero.com with the below required information. We will provide a quote and await your confirmation. You must provide your company name and ShipHero shipping plan number.

Provide the following for every shipment:

  • Number of pallets
  • If not a Full Truck load (Max of 28 Pallets & 42,000 lbs) we need the weight & dimensions of each pallet
  • Brief description of the commodity 
  • ShipHero Fulfillment shipping plan (SP) Number & Client Name

In order to send a truck into your facility we will need the following:

  • Name & Address of pickup
  • Contact Name & Phone Number
  • Email address to send BOL for pick up
  • Any carrier restrictions & Dock Hours
  • Let us know if a lift gate will be needed for loading and pick up

Preparing the Shipment for Pick-Up

Once a member from our team has sent the Bill of Lading for pick up please do the following to prepare the freight:

  • Print 2 copies of the BOL. (one for you and one for the driver. They will place a pro number on your copy which you should retain for tracking purposes)
  • Place the pallet tags (labels from your shipping plan) on the outside of the pallet that are produced from the Shipping Plan for this shipment.

Updated on September 23, 2021

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