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How do you charge for storage?

Download the pricing guide PDF (Sept 2 2020 v1.3)

If your inventory ships within 60 days of receiving then you will not have storage fees. Charges for inventory that is stored after that time period is as follows:

  • Pickable Bin: $5.00 per month
  • Pallet: $30 per month
  • All Merchants must have a Pallet location for reserve storage will also have a Pickable Bin – Merchant will be charged for both locations.
    • We reserve the right to store reserve inventory in multiple bins or a Pallet location.
  • Each SKU must have its own location (meaning multiple SKUs may not be stored in the same bin)
  • Overstock of a SKU (greater than a bin) may be put into a pallet location (as opposed to multiple bins) this will be determined by availability in the warehouse.

Storage is charged daily. We do not charge your card on file until you have accrued a minimum of $20 for shipping and storage services (this is a combined total). The 60 days begins the day your item is received.

You can see your invoices by going to your dashboard > settings > billing.

Updated on October 15, 2020

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