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How Does Billing Work?

Pricing is based on the end weight of the shipment – our pricing matrix is here.

  1. Pricing includes the pick, pack, shipping and a standard box or poly mailer.
  2. We offer Standard, Expedited and Overnight shipping options.
  3. When the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight, the dimensional weight is used instead of the package’s actual weight. DIM Weight (Lbs) = L * W * H / 166. DIM weight is ignored when volume is < 1 cubic foot (1728) or when package weight is < 1lb.
  4. These rates include three units (“picks”) per order. Each additional unit (“pick”) is $0.25 per order.
  5. You must have a credit card on file. You will be charged daily (M-F) for storage and orders shipped. You will not be charged until you have a minimum of $20 in charges.
  6. Oversize items (greater than 20lbs) add $3.50 per pick – odd size items may include this charge as well – check with fulfillment@shiphero.com if this applies to your item.
Updated on November 8, 2021

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