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How to map my shipping methods

  1. Create the shipping option in your store (ShipHero will not automatically import rates into the store but you can use our pricing grid as reference).
  2. Create a test order with that shipping option (expedited, overnight etc).
  3. Once the order is in ShipHero Order tab, we’ll have access to map your shop shipping method.
  4. Go to Settings –>Specific Shipping Methods
  5. You’ll be able to choose from the dropdown menu the shipping method you want us to use : Default/Standard/Expedited/Overnight

You must map the shipping method in ShipHero every time you add a new method in your store.

If you only need to modify one order you can also change the method as soon as the order is placed. The order should be listed as” Ready” for you to choose another shipping method.

Note: Find more about our shipping methods here.

If you are not connecting a store or API you can import Manual orders please check how to map your shipping method here.

Updated on August 3, 2021

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