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How do I manage multiple brands with Fulfillment?

If you have multiple brands, there are 2 ways this can be managed with ShipHero Fulfillment.

OPTION 1: Streamlined Approach

You can create 1 account and connect all stores to the same account.

Benefits of “streamlined approach:”

  • All orders and products are visible in one account
  • All billing is accessible in one place

Thoughtful Points:

  • Billing will not be separated per brand with this set up
  • User Permissions do not block users from Brand A from seeing Brand B information

OPTION 2: Separate Businesses

Create a separate account for each brand/store.

Benefits of “separate business approach:”

  • All information is separated so it’s easy to report on brands separately
  • Billing is completely separated for each brand

Thoughtful Points:

  • Users cannot use the same email for multiple accounts
Updated on August 5, 2021

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