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No contracts and no upfront fees? What’s the catch?

As a ShipHero Fulfillment customer, you get to take advantage of all this without the hassle of small print and surprise fees!

Transparent pricing for growing brands.

As a merchant you pay for the following:

  • Account Setup – $0
  • Receiving – $0 (if you follow our receiving guidelines)
  • Monthly Minimums – $0
  • Storage:
  • If your inventory ships within 60 days of receiving then you will not have storage fees. Charges for inventory that is stored after that time period is as follows
  • Pickable Bin: $5.00 per month
  • Pallet: $30.00 per month
    • All Merchants that have a Pallet location for reserve storage will also have a Pickable Bin – Merchant will be charged for both locations.
    • Each SKU must have its own location (meaning multiple SKUs may not be stored in the same bin)
    • Storage is charged daily. We do not charge your card on file until you have accrued a minimum of $20 for shipping and storage services (this is a combined total). 
    • Overstock of a SKU (greater than a bin) may be put into a pallet location (as opposed to multiple bins) this will be determined by availability in the warehouse.
    • You can see your invoices by going to your dashboard > settings > billing.
  • Pick & Pack + Shipping – One rate based on weight and zone – check out our chart here.
  • Dimensional Pricing: DIM pricing – When the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight, the dimensional weight is used instead of the package’s actual weight. DIM Weight (Lbs) = L * W * H / 166
  • Returns – upon approval
Updated on April 12, 2020

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