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Receiving Guidelines

The specific guidelines below must be followed each time inventory is sent to our warehouse locations. If the guidelines are not followed, this may result in $40/hour fee including delays in receiving processing time.

Peak Season 2021-2022 (11/1/21 – 1/15/22)

  • If products arrive without barcodes, there will be an additional 2-3 days to the receiving time to complete the labor at $0.10/per unit


  • All freight deliveries must be scheduled with freight@shiphero.com or by calling 646-847-0347. LTL shipments need to be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance. FTL and containers needs to be scheduled 48hrs in advance. Small parcel does not need an appointment
  • If no scheduled appointment, delivery may be refused plus a “no appointment fee”
  • Review all freight delivery requirements
  • We only receive inventory during weekdays Mondays to Fridays.

Shipping Requirements for Small Parcel

  • Each box must have the ShipHero Fulfillment box label visibly placed on outer boxes

Shipping Requirements for Freight

  • If pallets, each pallet must have the ShipHero Fulfillment pallet tag visible
  • If mixed pallets (more than 1 sku on pallet), this must be indicated on pallet tag

Removal from previous 3PL or Warehouse

Product Requirements


  • Each unit must arrive to the warehouse barcoded
  • If product arrives unbarcoded, we will barcode product at $0.10/unit (barcodes are required for every unit in the warehouse)

Hazmat Products

  • MSDS (hazmat documentation) is required prior to sending in your shipment (send to fulfillment@shiphero.com) with Store Name and shipping plan number

Lots & Expirations

  • Lots and Expirations must be clearly marked on the individual products or case packs of the products
  • Do not mix lots of the same product in one box. Please try to keep them in separate cartons so we can properly store your goods.
  • Review Lots & Expiration guidelines

Receiving Operation Guidelines

  • Receiving Timeline
    • Less than 6 pallets (includes small parcel): between 3-5 business days from arrival
    • More than 6 pallets: up to 7 business days from arrival
    • If shipment requires product barcoding: +1-3 days to receiving time
  • Each shipment that arrives must have a shipping plan associated with it in your account (learn how to create a shipping plan)
Updated on July 30, 2021

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