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Shipment Report

View your Shipment Report to learn more about your shipment costs and profit. .

The cost of each shipment takes 24 hours to calculate, so if the order you are viewing was shipped today, the cost of the shipment will not appear on the report until 24 hours later.

This report calculates the cost you (the merchant) spend on shipping within the timeframe indicated. To view this report, use the left navigation bar and go to Reports > Shipments.

Only ShipHero shipped orders will be included in the report. If you want to see other orders shipped by other fulfillment centers you should click on the “orders shipped” tab.

Report Term Definitions:

  • SF Shipping Cost: Cost ShipHero charged you (the merchant) to fulfill an order
  • Total Shipments: Number of orders shipped
  • Total Items Shipped: Number of individual units shipped

You will also have the details such as:

  • Type of order Manual order or store imported order
  • Cost of each order ( based on our pricing grid here)
  • Weight ( lb) with the final packaging and DIM ( if applicable)
  • Number of picks on the order ( our rate includes up to 3 picks- additional pick will be charge $0.25 each)
  • Size (in) with the final packing and DIM ( If applicable)
  • ShipDate and Shipping method ( Standard, expedited, overnight)
  • Link to access tracking number and shipping label.
Updated on September 16, 2021

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