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Shipping International – Tariffs, Duties and Fees

ShipHero uses a combination of carriers to ship internationally. Here is the pricing list

We do not guarantee door-to-door tracking at this time for international shipments.

Return to the sender is not available with international shipments.

International shipping can take up to 45 days. Claims will not be filed with carriers.

If you still want to ship internationally please note:

All ShipHero shipments are sent DDU “Delivery Duty Unpaid”. DDU means that your customer (the receiver) will get contacted by customs once their shipment arrives. It is the customer’s responsibility to settle any customs charges in order to release the shipment.

It is your responsibility to communicate this to your customers because it is common that they will be unaware that duties may need to be paid. This can negatively impact your customer experience.

EXPEDITED: ShipHero does not offer an international expedited service.

RETURNS: ShipHero does not support international returns.

COVID UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 carriers are experiencing significant delays. Please let your customers know that international delivery could be 60-75 days. Claims will not be filed.

Customs Fees & Declared Values

Merchants should accurately reflect the value of their products when declaring the value of their products for customs purposes. ShipHero is not responsible to evaluate, check or verify Merchant’s declared customs values.

Find here how you can add custom value to your products.

NEW! DDP Beta Program

ShipHero has partnered with FlavorCloud to enable DDP “Delivery Duty Paid” for international shipments to certain countries. Contact fulfillment@shiphero.com to learn more.

VAT requirements for UK and EU shipping

Read more here.

Updated on September 16, 2021

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