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What if a carrier loses my package?

  1. Carriers. We try out best to have every package reach its’ final destination. That being said we are not responsible for items that our warehouse hands off to carriers and then are not delivered.
  2. Please note at peak times carriers may not scan every package at our facility on pickup – we are not responsible for these packages and the carriers conduct. If a package is marked as delivered but your customer claims they did not receive, then please use your tracking number and file a claim directly with the USPS.
  3. Domestic and International carrier insurance:
    1. We cannot guarantee that carriers will get your package to the final destination.
    2. We will credit your account up to $25 for the first missing package if the tracking does not state the package has been delivered to address on the order. After that, we do not file claims for USPS or DHL.
    3. Please contact us if you would like to purchase additional insurance.
    4. International is up to $25.00 coverage per shipment for PLY54 Parcel Standard and PLT60 (Parcel Direct). Claims for International are filed on the web portal. Claims for International must be filed after 45 days but no later than 60 days from date of shipping. Additional Insurance can be purchased from our insurance provider U-Pic
Updated on January 9, 2021

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