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What if ShipHero makes a mistake with shipping my orders?

At ShipHero, we do our best to fulfill every order as accurately as possible. However, if there is a mistake we will work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

We will reconcile fulfillment operational errors within 60 days from the original ship date. You must follow the following instructions when your end-customer claims there is a shipping error. Without visual proof, ShipHero is not responsible to credit your account.

If you your customer believes they received the wrong shipments please submit the following to fulfillment@shiphero.com

  • Subject Line: [Order Number]; [Email associated with your account]
  • Picture of the item – including any associated tags from the customer who received “wrong item”
  • Picture of the associated barcode on the bag the item came in (or if barcode is on the physical product)
  • Picture of the Shipping Label

If it is determined that ShipHero has made an error the following credits will apply.

Maximum reimbursement for wrong shipments, non-shipments, swapped shipments is limited to shipping fee and/or return fee (at ShipHero’s discretion). 

ShipHero is not responsible for cost of product/inventory that may be lost during shipping errors. 

Reimbursement will never be greater than $25 per incident. 

Inventory that is lost in warehouse will be rectified as a credit to Merchant account. 

If inventory is found within 45 days of merchant’s notice of “lose” credit will be withdrawn. 

All reimbursements will be issued as ShipHero credits for future shipping and storage costs.

Updated on April 12, 2020

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