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Why is there an address hold on my order?

We verify all US addresses via the USPS register. We will automatically place an order on hold (address hold) if the address cannot be verified by the USPS. 

Important: We will NOT ship orders that are placed on hold until you updated the address and remove the hold. You can also use this validation tool.

If an order is put on address hold you must do the following:

  1. Contact your customer to confirm the address
  2. Update the address in ShipHero. You can update the address on the Order Page – it is on the top right hand side (screenshot below). Click on the blue address text. An overlay will pop up where you can edit the address and save the new address. You MUST update the address in ShipHero – NOT only on the store ( Amazon, Woocommercr, Shopify etc).
  3. Update the address and save it. 
  4. Remove the hold from the order. 

Click here to learn how to remove holds.

Note: Our customer support team will always try to help you fix these errors but we are not responsible for the location accuracy so always make sure to have your customer checking the corresponding address fields, such as Zip codes, cities, states, etc.

Updated on September 24, 2021

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