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What is the difference between a SKU and a barcode?

Here’s a write up on the difference between a SKU and

Barcode: https://www.barcoding.com/blog/upc-vs-sku/SKU is what ShipHero uses to identify your product, they must be unique across all your products and their variants. For example, if you’re selling a Red Dress and it comes in two sizes, the SKU’s would look something like this:

  • red-dress-small
  • red-dress-large 

The barcode field should contain the UPC code that’s on the product. If your products do not have a UPC/barcode label, you can leave this field empty in Shopify and we’ll generate one for you in ShipHero. 

All items must have their corresponding barcode visible and securely attached to the item.  You cannot change your barcodes or SKUs once we have sent inventory to the warehouse. 

Learn more about our Barcode requirements here:

Updated on April 12, 2020

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