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WooCommerce Troubleshooting Guide

ERROR: Unable to connect. Please check your credentials, site url, and make sure your woocommerce site is compatible with API Version 3

If you try to connect to your WooCommerce site and you get this error, you’ll need to check

  • Credentials (consumer and secret keys), make sure to enable read and write access.
  • User must be Admin level.

You can check this in your site.

WooCommerce => settings => advance =>REST API

  • Site url: Copy and paste your exact website url, redirections are not allowed, you need to enter the final url of your site, if your site is using https make sure starts with https://
  • API Version: We support API version 3. For older versions you’ll need to contact shiphero support to verify if your site supports API Version 3. Check the following url  [yoursite]/wp-json/wc/v3. For example if the url of your site is https://woocommerce.shiphero.xyz, you can verify the v3 support with the following url http://woocommerce.shiphero.xyz/wp-json/wc/v3. If you receive a response you are good to go.

ERROR: Error removing webhooks, please manually remove the ShipHero webhooks in your WooCommerce store and try again.

Sometimes depending on the configuration of the WooCommerce site, we cannot remove Shiphero webhooks automatically. This needs to be done manually from your WooCommerce site. In order to do this:

  1. Go to:  WooCommerce (tab) => Settings => Advance => Webhooks 
  2. Delete all the Webhooks prefixed with Shiphero 
  1. Go back to the fulfillment site.
  2. Disconnect.

Updated on May 27, 2021

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